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China cnc parts machining manufacturer

Release time:24-11-2020

  What problems should be paid attention to in CNC machining parts

  China cnc parts machining manufacturer - According to the quantity requirements, the order of CNC machining parts can be divided into batch processing and bulk processing, but no matter which type of processing service, some common problems should be avoided.

  First, in the CNC machining process, it is very important to program and process in accordance with the customer's drawing requirements. Generally speaking, the directional things are wrong, and the subsequent work is futile. The second is the inspection link in the processing process. The quantity is different, and the inspection requirements are also different. The processing of loose parts usually requires that the parts must be fully inspected; for batch processing, the first piece inspection and the random inspection of mass production cannot be omitted. However, some people may think that for batch processing orders, if the program is compiled in full accordance with the drawings and the first inspection is carried out, then there is no need for inspection later. However, the editor of Shenzhen Nobel Smart Manufacturing tells everyone that they have this idea It's so wrong.

  Second, most of the aluminum parts processing orders have post-processing requirements, and the common ones are sandblasting and oxidation. For sandblasting, the general customer will give the sandblasting model, and then pay attention to the depth of the knife pattern when processing in the CNC machining parts factory, because the sandblasting model is sometimes actually determined by the depth of the knife pattern. In the case of oxidation, special attention should be paid to the color problem. It should be carefully compared with the color swatch and color number given by the customer. If there is a visible color difference, it must be reworked, especially if the customer has a clear requirement for the color.


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