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Hardware precision machining requirements

Release time:05-11-2020

  Hardware precision machining requirements

  At present, the precision of precision metal processing parts has reached the micron level. It not only requires precision processing equipment, cutting tools, precision measuring instruments and high-tech workers, but a good processing environment is also the main factor to ensure the precision of precision metal processing. If there is too much dust, it will scratch the surface of the workpiece and affect its surface quality, so we need to strengthen the purification in the workshop.

Hardware precision machining,Hardware precision machining requirements

  In the process of precision machining, the process system is affected by internal heat sources such as cutting heat and frictional heat, and at the same time exchanges heat with the external environment. Therefore, the external environment temperature has become an important factor affecting machining accuracy. Due to the difference in the intensity and distribution of the heat source, the temperature rise of each part of the machine tool during processing is different, and the thermal expansion coefficients of different materials are different, resulting in different deformations of the machine bed, spindle, grating ruler and tool holder, which will damage the machine tool. Original geometric accuracy. Placing the processing equipment at a stable ambient temperature can reduce the temperature difference between the various components of the machine tool, thereby reducing the difference in deformation.

  To sum up, excessive environmental temperature changes have also become the main source of errors in the processing of precision hardware parts. Excessive temperature will cause thermal deformation of machine tools, tools, and measuring devices, resulting in machining and measurement errors. In the cutting of precision parts, vibration has a greater impact on machining accuracy and surface roughness. Vibration mainly includes vibration caused by natural external forces, traffic vibration, vibration when people move, and vibration caused by machine tools. Based on the above reasons, when we are processing precision hardware parts, the working environment should be purified, vibration-proof and constant temperature.

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