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How to deal with the rough surface of wire cutting

Release time:09-12-2020

  How to deal with the rough surface of wire cutting? Don't worry, Boyang CNC machining parts will teach you how to deal with it. Zhongshan Baiyang Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in the wire-cutting processing industry. Over the years, we have maintained the standards of customer requirements and specifications, perfecting quality and technology. Our company has a complete and extremely strict implementation of ISO9001:2015 international standards The management system and environmental management ISO14000 system, maintain the management philosophy of "standardized management, standardized operation, small things, continuous improvement", to provide high-quality services and high-quality machined products to customers at home and abroad!

How to deal with the rough surface of wire cutting


     How to deal with the rough surface of wire cutting? It is well known that in metal sawing, wire cutting is an adaptive processing technology based on EDM technology. When we are processing, we will find that the roughness of the processed surface is not good, which will affect the effect of processing. So how to solve the problem of rough surface in wire cutting? The following is a summary of relevant experience compiled by Boyang Hardware Factory for you:

  First of all, it is necessary to ensure the manufacturing and installation accuracy of the wire storage tube and the guide wheel on the wire cutting machine, and control the axial and radial runout of the wire storage tube and the guide wheel. The guide wheel (special tool for removing the guide wheel) should rotate flexibly to prevent the guide wheel. The wheel bounce and swing are beneficial to reduce the vibration of the molybdenum wire and promote the stability of the wire cutting machine tool in the processing process.

  How to deal with the rough surface of wire cutting? If necessary, the wire speed of the molybdenum wire can be appropriately reduced to increase the smoothness of the molybdenum wire's positive and negative commutation and wire walking. According to the characteristics of the wire cutting work, the high-speed movement of the molybdenum wire requires frequent reversal for processing. The moment of the reversal of the molybdenum wire will cause uneven tension and uneven tension of the molybdenum wire, which will cause the molybdenum wire to vibrate and directly affect the processing surface. Roughness, so the commutation times of molybdenum wire movement should be minimized.

  How to deal with the rough surface of wire cutting? Experiments have proved that increasing the effective working length of the molybdenum wire under the same processing conditions can reduce the number of reversal of the molybdenum wire, reduce the jitter of the molybdenum wire, promote the stability of the processing process, and improve the surface quality of the processing. In addition, it uses a special mechanism to tighten the molybdenum wire around the wire storage tube, which can ensure that the molybdenum wire is arranged evenly and tightly. Try not to use manual tensioning to wind, because manual winding is difficult to ensure that the molybdenum wires are arranged uniformly and tightly on the wire storage tube. Uneven elasticity and different tension of each section of molybdenum wire will cause the molybdenum wire to shake during work, thereby increasing the roughness of the processed surface.

  The above is "what to do with rough surface in wire cutting" introduced by China Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier,If you want to know more about wire cutting processing fee calculation, wire cutting processing quotation, wire cutting processing principle and many other related information, welcome to inquire. In today's day-to-day competition in the machinery industry market, choose a high-tech, high-precision Processing, high service quality, and high reputation mechanical processing partners are an important link in the future development. The company sincerely welcomes new and old customers from all over the world to come to cooperate and negotiate, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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