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How to extend the service time of CNC mechanical parts

Release time:24-12-2020

  We know that the service life of any part will be shortened as the service life increases and the degree of wear increases. In order to better serve the public, CNC Maching Parts Service Co., Ltd. has been continuously researching and developing these years in order to better serve the public. It can improve the quality of the product and increase its life. The method can be classified into the following points. The following is a simple explanation from the structure of the casting:

  1. The structure of castings needs to be planned reasonably

  CNC machinery parts service company believes that many short-lived castings often have a certain degree of thermal fatigue. Therefore, we should make the wall thickness of the castings uniform in production to avoid the problem of excessive heat concentration due to hot spots in the castings At the same time, pay attention to the grinding of the rounded corners in the casting process to well weaken the stress response due to sharp corners.

  2. Castings need to maintain rigidity

  The mold needs to be used tens of thousands or even millions of times, so this requires that the cast components should have sufficient hardness to avoid deformation during use. At the same time, the gating system should be designed to minimize its matching The impact strength of the core to increase the use time.

  3. Castings are reduced by heat treatment process to reduce damage

  Heat treatment can change the metallographic structure to a certain extent, maintain the stability, hardness, and stiffness at high temperatures, which is of great significance to resist thermal fatigue.

  The above is an introduction to how to extend the time of CNC mechanical parts. For castings, the effect of the use will be different, so for the buyer, it is necessary to learn how to choose, if it is not, it is recommended to find a professional The CNC machinery parts service company consulted to ensure the quality of procurement.


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