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Points for attention in machining OEM aluminum CNC parts

Release time:01-02-2021

  Points for attention in machining OEM aluminum CNC parts

  Aluminum is one of the most CNC products. If you want to make the size and quality more stable, you should pay attention to the following points in the processing of OEM aluminum CNC parts.

OEM aluminum CNC parts

  1. Machine tool status and parameter setting

  The stability of machining depends largely on the state of the machine tool itself, so before machining, the machine tool must be fully checked before it can be formally used. Parameter setting includes feed rate, cutting degree and so on.

  2. Processing technology

  Processing technology must ensure that as far as possible to reduce errors, such as first coarse then fine, first large surface after small surface, first surface after hole. Especially in the workpiece after cooling may appear deformation, so pay special attention to the use of coolant, absolutely can not skip this step.

  3. Tool selection

  The selection of special tools should be applicable and targeted, such as milling cutter, which is used to form metal surface. Keyway milling cutter can only be used for keyway processing, not for plane processing.

  4. Clamping technology

  Due to the characteristics of aluminum material, special attention should be paid to the clamping force. In addition, it should be kept still after clamping, so as to eliminate the stress.

  In addition, when machining OEM aluminum CNC parts, we should also pay attention to the use of cutting fluid, chip removal and so on. In the actual processing process, specific problems should be analyzed. Because there are many factors that affect the quality of products, such as the stability of the machine tool, the rationality of the processing technology, the selection of cutting tools, the technical level of operators and so on.


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