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Steel Parts CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

Release time:15-12-2023



Steel is one of the most commonly used metals in the world today. This is not surprising considering the many advantages of this metal. Industrially, manufacturers employ different metal processing services to meet product design specifications and requirements.

One of these machining services is steel CNC machining. This highly automated process is one of the most versatile methods for manufacturing steel parts.

In fact, CNC steel parts are one of the most popular custom machined parts and prototypes.


Steel grades for CNC machining

The characteristics of steel grades determine their respective uses in specific processing projects. Here are some of the most common grades and their characteristics.

· 4140 Steel:Due to its good machinability and wear resistance, it is used in many industries. However, 4140 steel is not the easiest to weld and may require pre- and post-heat treatment. This grade is often found in CNC steel parts used in couplings, spindles, bolts, nuts and automotive parts.

· 4130 Steel:It is commonly used for various construction purposes due to its ability to withstand high stresses. Additionally, it is used in aircraft engine mounts. Manufacturers often prefer 4130 steel to aerospace grade steel because it is cheaper but just as effective.

· 1018 Steel:The biggest selling point of 1018 steel in steel CNC machining is its high weldability, making it the default choice for carburized CNC steel parts.1018 steel also has excellent machining properties and is used for tie rods, mandrels, shafts and many other mold components.

· 1045 Steel:1045 steel is machinable and weldable, and applications for this grade include beer, bolts, gears, shafts, and studs. Essentially, manufacturers prefer it for projects that require extreme speed.

· 1215 Steel:This steel grade is considered a free-machining steel due to its relatively high sulfur content.Industrially, it is suitable for automation projects requiring heavy machining. Applications include studs, pins, screws, couplings and hose couplings.


Benefits of CNC machining steel parts

Most CNC steel parts today are well machined, i.e. the metal can be cut or shaped easily to provide good results. Factors such as hardness, energy, horsepower, and shear stress can affect the machinability of steel CNC machining.

Another benefit of CNC steel machined machine parts is that the products are highly resistant to corrosion and wear. Additionally, steel parts are generally compatible with many surface treatments.


Applications Of CNC Steel Parts

CNC steel parts are present in many industries today, including the medical, automotive, and electronics industry. More specifically, steel CNC machining is helpful for medical instruments, machinery parts, vacuum pressure vessels, and gears.


Boyang Hardware: Your Trusted CNC Steel Parts Manufacturer

Boyang Hardware takes pride as a leading CNC steel parts manufacturer, bringing over two decades of honed expertise to craft precision parts that meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide.

Boyang Hardware stands out as a reliable partner for CNC steel machining services, combining technological prowess with a dedicated team. Our CNC machining experts meticulously choose the right steel grade, ensuring that each project aligns with the highest standards.

Elevate your projects with our CNC machining expertise and experience the seamless fusion of steel and precision.




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