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The method of rust removal of CNC parts

Release time:09-03-2022

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CNC parts, just like any other metal components, are prone to rusting. This can cause a serious problem if not addressed timely, as rust can gradually damage the functionality of these high-precision parts. Fortunately, there are a few effective methods available to remove rust from CNC parts.we will look at some of these methods of rust removal and help you restore your CNC parts to their optimal condition. Whether you are a professional machinist or an enthusiast, this guide will provide you with the necessary knowledge to carry out this task efficiently and effectively. So, let's explore the methods of rust removal for CNC parts and keep them in top-notch condition!

CNC parts, like any other metal objects, are prone to rusting over time. Rust formation on these parts can cause damage to their surfaces, and can even lead to failure of the component. Therefore, controlling and removing rust from CNC parts is necessary to avoid undue wear and tear. But, how do we remove rust from CNC parts without causing damage to them?  we’ll explore the various methods of rust removal that are safe and effective for use on CNC parts, providing you a comprehensive guide to keeping your machines in top-notch condition.


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General iron products will rust. This is basic common sense. Many people know it. Then CNC parts processing or accessories are used as bearings, etc. due to inventory conditions or improper rust prevention, for example, it is prone to rust. In the case of rust, it is basically impossible to use mechanical methods to deal with it. Chemical pickling will damage the accuracy of the parts, so what method can be used to remove rust? Here's what I've learned from my experience:


There is no damage to the workpiece, the parts will not change, and they will not be corroded. High precision part rework or repair. Floating rust is formed on the surface of parts due to improper inventory or transportation. Professional cleaning solution can perfectly remove the floating rust and ensure the original accuracy.


Immersion cleaning process:


1 Add the professional cleaning stock solution to the tank (it is recommended to use a plastic or stainless steel tank, which can reduce the penetration of iron ions into the stock solution and reduce the service life);


2 Use an electric heater to heat it to 40-50 degrees and keep it at room temperature, but it only needs to extend the time;


3 Soak the metal processing parts into the tank;


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Wipe cleaning process:


1 Repeatedly wipe with a rag, this method is suitable for cleaning and rust removal of large equipment or workpieces;


2 After wiping, dry it with hot air or dry it naturally and then apply anti-rust oil.


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