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What are the requirements for precision CNC machining parts

Release time:21-04-2021

  What are the requirements for precision CNC machining parts? What must be done?


  When processing precision CNC machining parts, they must be processed in strict accordance with the existing industry specifications. The size will be processed according to a variety of different products and different specific needs. There will also be processing accuracy in this aspect. The difference. What are the requirements for the actual processing of this part of CNC machined parts?


precision CNC machining parts


  Requirement 1: Processing separately


  When precision CNC machined parts are processed, the roughness and precision of the entire part will be different because of the heat generated by the cutting amount of the part and the cutting force. In order to ensure the machining accuracy of the part, these products equipment must be done well The processing is divided into different categories, and in this case, all rough parts and precision mechanical processing must be done.


  Requirement 2: Choose equipment reasonably


  When the precision CNC machining is connected for processing, generally speaking, it is necessary to look at the rationality of each equipment. The rough connection processing does not require high precision at all, but the main cutting allowance must still be met, so The whole equipment must have a high-precision machine tool during processing. In this case, the heat treatment process must be arranged on the part processing route, and the relevant heat treatment position must be arranged during the treatment process.


  What are the requirements for precision CNC machining parts? Both of the above requirements are important.


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