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What are the steps of CNC precision machining parts

Release time:13-01-2021

  What are the steps of CNC precision machining parts?CNC precision machining parts are already a relatively common type of processed products in the industry. Because of their unique advantages, they are favored by more and more companies. However, this type of processing requires certain procedures because of the Generally there are several surfaces, and the requirements for precision and mutual position are very high. Let's take a look at the steps of CNC precision machining parts.

CNC precision machining parts

  The first step is to make a precision correction on the surface to be processed before precision processing to ensure accuracy after processing.

  In the second step, after making corrections, perform processing on the processed parts, such as rough processing, semi-precision processing or finishing, etc. If customer requirements are relatively high, then it may be necessary to perform smoothing again.

  The third step, when processing CNC precision machining parts, we must adhere to the principle of "reference first, then others", because only the reference operation is performed first, and other surfaces can be positioned in the subsequent processing.

  The fourth step, when processing more complex shapes or larger sizes than conventional parts, the process of scribing is required before processing to find the benchmark.

  The fifth step, for the complicated and problem-prone processes, finishing and smoothing are recommended to be placed in front of other processes.

  The above is an introduction to the process steps of CNC precision machining parts. I also want to remind everyone that because precision machining is relatively demanding, it is necessary to follow certain process production, otherwise it may cause deformation or insufficient part quality, etc., and shorten The service life of the parts.


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