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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of die casting

Release time:25-02-2021

  Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of die casting


  In our daily life, aluminum alloy die-casting has a wide range of applications and is very common, such as: medical equipment or accessories for electric cars and motorcycles, communication equipment, and even various industries. Why do we What is the special preference for alloy die-casting? Are there any disadvantages to this aluminum alloy die-casting process? Let's explain the advantages and disadvantages of die casting in detail for everyone, let's understand it together.


Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of die casting


  1. The advantages of aluminum alloy die casting


  a. The quality of aluminum alloy dies casting is excellent


  The aluminum alloy die-casting process has high precision, strength and hardness better than other models, stable dimensions, and trustworthy interchangeability.


  b. High production rate of aluminum alloy die casting


  The average number of die-casting equipment capable of die-casting is huge, ranging from hundreds of times to more than 7000 times in 12 hours, while the service life of aluminum alloy die-casting equipment can reach millions of times, making it easier to automate the production of parts.


  c. High utilization rate of aluminum alloy die-casting and less working hours


  As the general dimensions of aluminum alloy die castings are very accurate, they can be directly put into use or processed in a small amount, and the utilization rate is high and the effect is good.


  2. Disadvantages of aluminum alloy die casting


  Although aluminum alloy die-casting has many advantages, die-casting parts cannot be heat-treated, and the cost of investment before mass production is high, and with more and more die-casting products, the life of the equipment will gradually shorten, which we cannot avoid. Shortcomings.


  The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of die-casting. I believe you already have an understanding. Although we cannot change the disadvantages of die-casting, compared with the advantages, the disadvantages can be ignored.


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