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BoYang Hardware companies serve all walks of life.In the past 20 years,we have completed more than 991,022 manufacturing orders,and our engineers,designers,toolmakers and experts have succefully delivered parts, products and components to many industries around the world .

Whether your demand is as small dozens,as many as tens of thousands,or even more,BoYang is your partner worth consideering.We are always challenging the technical limits to provide our customers with the best quality on-time delivery guarantee,and the highest price-performance ratio.This is our mission.

Service Industry

  • Handheld Analyzer
  • hydropower industry machineryand equipment
  • Aquatic ProductsTesting Equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Robot Industry
  • Business Jet
  • Car
  • Commercial hardware equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • househole appliances
  • Electronic parts and equipment
  • Transportation equipment and supplies

Complete Solution From Consept To Product

Our one-stop manufacturing service mprice and transportation meet the requirements. We will design and produce tooling, and monitor the quality specifications throughout the manufacturing process.

Our NPI team will provide continuous support to customers' new products in engineering, until we ensure that our customers' products are successfully put on the market in the first time.

Our complete one-stop model provides a total solution including manufacturability analysis, product design or auxiliary design, product optimization, soft and hard mold development, mechanical testing and assembly, and the control of the turnaround time of all these processes, in the entire industry is far ahead.

Complete Solution From Concept To Product
  • Design

    BoYang Hardware Hardware equips customer projects with experienced designers and advanced software to accurately and timely transition customer projects from design to mold and production stages.

    We use Auto CAD network, CNC-EDM and CNC machining centers to achieve our customers' goals and meet the customers' pre-designed quality and cost requirements. The design team has extensive experience in designing and setting up tooling molds, which can continuously optimize the manufacturing process. We are very competitive in the entire industry in terms of turnaround time and cost of making samples. Designers and moldmakers work closely together to maximize part quality.

    We exemplify a high degree of professionalism in die casting, injection molding, sheet metal manufacturing design, etc., and have extensive knowledge and experience in casting materials and processes, resin and injection mold technology and design. We are good at measuring from the perspective of cost and manufacturing to select the appropriate materials, manufacturing process and mold design, and provide customers with valuable analysis in material selection, processing and assembly technology.

  • has stable supply chain management and distribution channels for many years of cooperation. They will provide high-quality and high-quality raw materials for various types of machinery and plastic products in strict accordance with our specifications. Mingjie has also been helping customers choose the best and most cost-effective materials for each product. At the same time, we also strictly abide by the standards and regulations on the procurement and use of raw materials formulated by relevant institutions, such as RoHS, REACH, Conflict-Free Minerals, etc.

  • guarantees the reliability of logistics through the following measures: managing and controlling inventory procurement, confirming and expediting delivery, preparing inventory as required, delivering directly to the customer’s freight warehouse, and providing import and export documents for exported goods.

  • After-sales Service:

    BoYang Hardware has established a complete set of after-sales service processes for customers worldwide, providing fast RCA, RTV and RMA services for all delivered products.

  • Design For Manufaturability (DFM)

    By providing partners with manufacturable designs with competitive prices, our partners are more competitive. Our employees use long-term accumulated experience to inspect parts, semi-finished products or finished products, review BOM, test specifications, and fixture design to ensure that problems in the manufacturing process can be efficiently solved to ensure the delivery date of customer products Not affected.

  • Quality Control

    In order to ensure stable product quality,Hardware BoYang will carry out incoming inspection and inspection on the incoming products before leaving the factory to ensure that the products received by customers meet the requirements without causing any unnecessary or unexpected delays.

  • Stock Reserve For JIT Delivery:

    To ensure timely delivery, BoYang will carry out inventory reserve and monitoring according to the expected quantity.

Design And Project Planning

Demand based on specific requirements or transportation time, maximum number of transportation hours, maximum amount of transportation, self-improvement.

  • Function Is The Most Important

    The function of a part or product is determined by its design, we will check the feasibility of the design and some practical problems in the design and manufacturing process. The simple design brings more economical function realization.

  • Tolerance Setting

    Clearly identifying all dimensions is the key. Specify tolerances for all dimensions, and grasp the flexibility of tolerances on non-critical dimensions to avoid the cost increase caused by excessively tight tolerances.

  • Material Selection

    The type, thickness and characteristics of materials can significantly affect the cost of finished parts. Carefully study the end use of the product, and discuss any problems with experts at any time.

  • Delivery Time

    Low-cost pricing and production depends on the actual delivery of high-quality tooling and parts production.

  • Future Purchase Demand

    Forecast current and future needs to help customers determine the best manufacturing process. Our unique manufacturing process can reduce mold and product costs. Tell us your current needs and future needs, this can save you a lot of expenses.

  • Ethnic Purchasing

    Using the "group type parts" that we supply can bring significant cost savings. We can provide some quotations for similar parts to confirm whether we can save costs for our customers.

  • Secondary Processing Of Components And Parts

    Let Boyang Hardware give you a quotation about assembly parts and/or individual parts. This "one-stop" model can not only save you time and money, but also shorten the delivery cycle.

  • Transportation

    Demand based on specific requirements or transportation time, maximum number of transportation hours, maximum amount of transportation, self-improvement.


Boyang Hardware parallel processing process model next-generation products development, existing products/zero cases standard Sadayuki Nomae, consumable multi-faceted dismissal consensus related resources and information. This is a product development development, and a product that is clean and well-suited for performance, quality and environmental conditions.

This method Performance, low yielding book, short investment market time, maximum degree of local high investment investment report.

Boyang Hardware management level Opportunity management of proprietary items Effectiveness management, actual monitoring, parallel periodical customer report, product progress.


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