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CNC machining precision requirements

Release time:16-12-2020

  CNC machining precision requirements-how to achieve 0.8 surface roughness of CNC machining aluminum alloy? Use a milling cutter with a larger diameter, and the rotation speed should be as high as possible, but the machine tool should not vibrate, and the rough milling should leave 0.3-0.5mm margin before finishing. Whether it can reach it depends on whether the milling cutter linear speed is enough and the blade is sharp . The purpose of the milling cutter head with a larger diameter is to easily achieve high linear speed. It is not good to increase the speed without increasing the diameter of the milling cutter head. Generally speaking, it can reach 0.8 roughness. In addition, add enough cutting fluid when finishing milling.

CNC machining,CNC machining precision requirements

  CNC machining precision requirements:

  What is the surface roughness of general CNC machining?

  Generally, ordinary machine tools are processed at around 3.2, and high-speed machines can reach a finish of 1.6; pay attention to the tools and cutting parameters used in the processing.

  CNC machining precision requirements-Is the smaller the surface roughness of the part, the finer it is?

  1. About the profile meter and the roughness meter The profile meter and the roughness meter are not the same product. The main function of the profile meter is to measure the contour shape of the part surface.

  CNC machining precision requirements:

  such as: groove depth, groove width, chamfer (including chamfer position, chamfer size, angle, etc.) of grooves in automobile parts, straightness of the cylindrical surface, and other parameters. In short, the profiler reflects the macroscopic outline of the part.

  2. The function of the roughness meter is to measure the surface processing quality of the grinding/finishing process of the part surface. In layman's terms, the surface of the part is not polished (the old national standard for roughness is called smoothness), that is, the roughness reflects The microscopic condition of the machined surface of the part.

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