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China aluminum cnc machining price

Release time:12-11-2020

  China aluminum cnc machining price - Boyang Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd. serves the hardware and plastic products industry, specializing in metal dipping and coating, has a complete set of automatic temperature control production lines, and undertakes processing of various dipping products such as: CNC MACHINING PARTS,hardware products, hardware tools, wire products, and household goods , Fitness equipment, amusement equipment, highway engineering guardrail and nylon surface PVC liquid dipping, PE powder dipping. We have many years of history in the production and processing of dipping plastics, have close cooperation with dozens of companies in Europe and the United States, and have accumulated rich technical experience. Foreign customers have requirements for lead content, UV resistance, environmental protection, appearance, and hardness. Quite high, we use our beliefs and principles to make every product good, and we often get unanimous praise and satisfied smiles from foreigners! ! We will continue to innovate as always, and strive to provide better services to meet customer needs in all aspects!

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  PVC dipping liquid such as: smooth surface, hemp surface, suede surface, the finished product dipping product has a full appearance with porcelain-like gloss, low viscosity, strong toughness, comfortable hand feeling, environmental protection, non-toxic lead-free, anti-corrosion, aging resistance, and resistance Acid-base, no fading, moisture-proof, insulation and many other advantages. The hardness and color can be customized according to the different needs of customers. Products comply with EU environmental protection ROSH, SGS testing. PVC dipping products such as: fitness equipment, amusement equipment accessories, automobile and industrial parts, supermarket display racks, electroplating spreaders, hangers, clips, clips, pliers, tool handles, various sheaths, valves and other nylon, metal Dipping processing of material products.

  China aluminum cnc machining price - Hardware products such as: adjusting feet series, automobile and motorcycle accessories, fasteners, display rack hardware parts have more than ten years of production experience, and some Taiwan and Japanese customers specify to use the adjusting feet produced by our company! The material of our products will not crack at minus 20 degrees, and will not melt or deform at minus 200 degrees! Sophisticated products and reasonable prices are welcoming you at any time. I wish we have a good start of cooperation!


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