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China cnc machining service FACTORY

Release time:12-11-2020

  China cnc machining service FACTORY.PRECISION CNC MACHINING PARTS Boyang Hardare Technology Co. , LTD. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, sales and service. Since its establishment, it has been pursuing the business philosophy of people-oriented, customer-oriented, and Chinese ingenuity. After more than ten years of ingenuity experience, accumulation and precipitation, with advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality services, we provide various types of precision electronic equipment and precision components that meet customer needs, especially CNC machining parts, precision CNC machining parts, and CNC aluminum parts. Mechanical processing creates professional supporting services and enhances the competitiveness of its products, thereby enabling customers to gain greater competitive advantages.

China cnc machining service FACTORY,China cnc machining service,cnc machining service FACTORY

  Boyang Hardware is a professional manufacturer that provides one-stop services of precision machining, sheet metal processing and surface treatment for automation equipment manufacturers.

  The company can also process according to the drawings and samples provided by customers, and at the same time can provide some services for many large, medium and small-scale automation equipment manufacturers. With excellent precision machining and sheet metal processing capabilities, no matter in terms of quality control, delivery control, or service attitude, it has won unanimous praise from customers.

  Precision machining

  There are precision processing equipment such as lathe, milling machine, grinder, CNC, internal/external grinding, wire cutting, spark machine, machining center, etc., with a machining accuracy of 0.005mm. Equipped with high-precision testing equipment such as projector, altimeter, hardness tester, micrometer, etc.

  Sheet metal processing

  There are 1500 watt laser cutting machine, shearing machine, CNC bending machine, oxygen welding, arc welding, carbon dioxide welding machine and other equipment. We can provide laser cutting services, various sheet metal electrical box customization services, various aluminum profiles, sheet metal stamping,PRECISION CNC MACHINING PARTS,CNC ALUMINUM PARTS and Bracket welding service.

  China cnc machining service FACTORY.Customers are welcome to place orders, we will do our best to serve, complete the orders according to the delivery date and guarantee the quality, to your satisfaction!


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