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How much does CNC machining parts cost

Release time:01-12-2021

About CNC machining parts design:


How much does CNC machining parts cost? How to calculate?


CNC machining parts are relatively common in our lives. When we want to choose CNC machining parts, what we probably want to know most is how much CNC machining parts cost?


1. How to calculate the price


At present, in the actual machining process, all price calculation methods are different. Effective processing is carried out according to the length of time of CNC machining parts. In this case, the calculation is carried out according to the actual situation of the machine tool. If you use a machine tool to do it, you must find a machining center that suits you in a short time. This method may be more expensive.How much does CNC machining parts cost

2. The measure of price


The measurement standard of CNC machining parts cost will also be different. You need to look at the drawings or technical requirements. The materials in each place have labor costs. In some places, the price difference may be relatively large. Generally speaking, These materials are calculated according to cost or processing costs and profits. Processing costs are all determined by the process. In the actual processing process, different processing equipment is used, and the prices will naturally vary. In the process of processing, some things are calculated completely according to the current processing hours, just like turning time or grinding time.


How much does CNC machining parts cost? When performing actual processing, everyone will consider various processing methods. At present, if we want to perform processing, we can consider the final processing service standard. In addition, all the problems of the processing plant must be solved. The processing plant covers all companies' outsourcing, so the price will be increased accordingly, and the profit effect brought by the processing must also be taken into account.


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