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How to choose CNC machining parts

Release time:01-12-2021

About CNC machining parts design:


How to choose CNC machining parts? What are the selection criteria?


CNC machining parts are relatively common in our lives. With the gradual development of the machining center industry, more and more people will find that CNC machining parts manufacturers are gradually introducing new ones. From these two aspects, they are also uneven. The price will vary somewhat, so how to choose CNC machining parts? Everyone must have their own ideas on this matter.

How to choose CNC machining parts

1. Clarify product processing requirements


If you want to choose CNC machining parts, it is recommended that you should be able to clarify the nature of all products at the beginning. Don't think that after buying a CNC machining center, you can complete the work of all the equipment. Manufacturers usually divide the machining center into various specifications and models, mainly to cope with various processing tasks. Therefore, before purchasing a product, it is necessary to fully explain to all sales staff that the work to be done covers the size of the processing tool or the material and thickness of the material, etc. It must be refined in these aspects.


2. Match configuration according to product requirements and processing requirements


How to choose CNC machining parts? Do not blindly think that the higher the configuration of the machine tool, the better, and the more functions, the better. In fact, all processing must be based on maximizing the benefits of the machine tool. In the matter of product processing, the tool change time of all products must be taken into consideration. It is not recommended installing those unnecessary items to increase the cost.


How to choose CNC machining parts? When choosing processing services, you can consider some of the above selection criteria. In addition, you should choose the corresponding configuration according to the products and materials you are processing.


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