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How to maintain precision CNC machining parts

Release time:27-09-2021

About CNC machining parts:


In real life, CNC lathe is a high-precision, high-efficiency, program-controlled automated machine tool. How to do maintenance during the actual use of precision CNC machining parts?


How to maintain precision CNC machining parts


1. strictly abide by the rules and procedures of the operation


In the actual processing of precision CNC machining parts, we must strictly abide by the existing conditions and strictly abide by the daily maintenance system of each mechanical equipment. All equipment must be maintained in accordance with the regulations, and the technical and professional quality of the operators must be good or bad, It will also affect the frequency of the entire equipment failure. When a machine tool breaks down, the operator must pay attention to keeping the site, and explain to the maintenance personnel the situation before and after the failure, to facilitate the analysis and diagnose the cause of all the failures.


2. prevent dust and contaminants from entering the CNC device


These dusts are basically in a short period of time. It is necessary to prevent them from entering the inside of the numerical control device. These dusts can easily cause insulation between some components, which will lead to a decrease in resistance, and may even cause components and circuits. The board is damaged. Because the dust in the processing workshop is relatively large, it is recommended that you choose to check every quarter or half a year to see if the filters of these air ducts are clogged.


How to maintain precision CNC machining parts? The method is as above.


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