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Turned Parts Manufacturer - CNC Turning

Release time:22-09-2022

Turned Parts Manufacturer - CNC Turning - Boyang Hardware 


Boyang Hardware are a precision turned parts manufacturer.




Boyang Hardware are a precision turned parts manufacturer. Our company provides CNC Sliding Head turning services from,CNC turning parts service and CNC Machining parts service. Competitively priced, quality components are manufactured for a customer base spanning the United States, Canada and European countries. 


We machine a range of materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and similarly plastic. Above all, Boyang Hardware are capable of machining parts from 2mm dia to 65mm dia in batch sizes of 200 components to 100,000 upwards.


Our Quality,Service and Cost Effective Solutions are our Strength.Boyang Hardware companies are ISO certified.We remain technologically in the industry . Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of art CNC maching centers,metal fabricating department equipped with hign speed hydraulic turret press,CNC press brakes and the latest prodyction Laser cutting equipment.We offer the turnkey manufacturing solutions including tools design,building and low or hign volume parts manufacturing.We excel at partnering with customers with our globally competitive prices and in the meantime manage to eliminate your risks of sourcing offshore with local customer support.  





Generally, the CNC Turning lathes are suitable for machining parts from 12mm diameter up to 65mm diameter. Above all, they are aimed at batch sizes of 200-off upwards in all bar turning grade materials. Heavy machining is possible due to their rigidity together with powerful spindle and driven tool motors.




CNC Turning has been around for many years, but the recent development of CNC Sliding Heads has made it even more popular. These heads can turn extremely fast and are used in a variety of industries. They are especially popular in the automotive industry where they are used to make parts for cars and trucks.


Foremost, our Citizen CNC sliding head turning machines are ideal for manufacturing close tolerance components from 2mm diameter up to 35mm diameter. Materials range from steel to brass in addition to plastics. These machines are particularly well suited to producing medium and high quantity batches.





Turned and machined components produced using the latest CNC machining technology.


We can manufacture steel turned components in a range of sizes as well as styles.


Precision turned components are machined from many different grades of stainless steel.





Presently, we supply brass turned components to the United States, Canada and European countries.


Our company produce components from a broad range of plastics including nylon and acetal.


In short, we machine precision aluminium parts from a variety of bar turning grades and alloys.



Brass and steel turned parts manufacturer



To summarize, we can manufacture a range of brass, steel, stainless steel and plastic turned components at our subcontract machining plant. Boyang Hardware always look to invest in the latest CNC turning machinery in order to remain at the forefront of manufacturing. Specifically, multiple quality checks are operated on all components ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our skilled staff are trained to use precision measuring equipment thus enabling us to offer a first class product.


Finally, all components are cleaned in our Eco friendly Durr degreasing plant ensuring immaculate finished parts ready for delivery.



We can also assist with any CNC milling, not to mention any other machining requirements. Our twin pallet CNC machining centre is therefore available on site to help. This machine is specifically used for parts too large for our CNC mill/turning lathes.


CNC turning application industry


The CNC turning application industry is growing rapidly, as the technology becomes more accessible to hobbyists and businesses. There are many different types of CNC turning machines available, from desktop models that can be used by individuals, to larger industrial machines that can be used by companies. Some of the most common uses for CNC turning machines include manufacturing parts for cars and appliances, creating jewelry, and making custom furniture.


Automotive  The Medical Military


Aerospace Industries Jewelry making


Notably, we serve the following sectors beside many others:





Feel free to contact us with any enquiry’s for machined components.



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