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What aspects should be paid attention to in fixture design

Release time:15-10-2020

  Why are fixtures used in product processing? The advantage of the jig is that if it is the same product, even if the worker does not have very skilled technology, he can quickly produce a large number of good products with fewer defects and low variability through the jig. However, for a variety of small-scale production modes, the result of many jigs has the disadvantage of increasing production costs.


  The Chinese manufacturing industry hopes that in the R&D and production of high-end products, the quality requirements for products will be further improved. Products must have more accurate detection and functional testing in the production and manufacturing. Therefore, as a testing tool, it is itself The accuracy is more important.

  Functional fixtures use combined testing technology, especially the testing of complex circuit boards. There has been an amazing growth, and the growth rate is still accelerating, because more industry-leading manufacturers have realized the advantages of this technology and put it into use . Judging from the current application situation, the use of test strategies combining two or more technologies is becoming a development trend.

  The signal integrity design of test fixtures has received more and more attention in product development, and there are many types of signal integrity test fixtures, including frequency domain and time domain, and some comprehensive methods, such as error codes. test. These methods are not suitable for use under any circumstances. The test fixtures have their limitations. Appropriate selection can achieve twice the result with half the effort and avoid detours. There are many signal integrity testing methods and many instruments involved.

  What aspects should be paid attention to in the signal integrity design of the fixture?

  1. It can be used for any brand special testing machine.

  2. The total height of the upper and lower jigs can be selected arbitrarily in the range of 140MM-225MM.

  3. The jig needle plate is composed of 4 to 6 layers, and the steel needle spring is easy to replace.

  4. The upper fixture is specially made by the structure of the PCB, the lower fixture is a composite type or the upper and lower fixtures are both composite special structures.

  In the design and production of jigs, companies are paying great attention to their functional and technical capabilities, especially test jigs will directly affect product quality. In this environment where more and more attention is paid to product accuracy and yield, companies have take seriously. As a Baiyang hardware company that has been customizing customized fixtures for enterprises, we have a technical team with rich practical experience, which can help different industries and products design qualified technology test fixture solutions, so that companies can The test quality has won market recognition. If you have any questions about CNC machining parts, please contact our Baiyang hardware customers, thank you.


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