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What is the development trend of CNC machine tools(One)

Release time:21-04-2021

  What is the development trend of CNC machine tools?

CNC machine tools

  1. Speed up

  With the rapid development of industries such as automobiles, national defense, aviation, and aerospace, as well as the application of new materials such as aluminum alloys, the requirements for high-speed machining of CNC machine tools are getting higher and higher.

  a. Spindle speed:

  The machine tool adopts an electric spindle (built-in spindle motor), and the maximum speed of the spindle reaches 200,000r/min;

  b. Feed rate:

  When the resolution is 0.01µm, the maximum feed rate reaches 240m/min and complex precision machining can be obtained;

  c. Calculation speed:

  The rapid development of microprocessors provides a guarantee for the development of numerical control systems in the direction of high speed and high precision. The development of CPUs has developed to 32-bit and 64-bit numerical control systems, and the frequency has been increased to several hundreds of megahertz and above gigahertz. Due to the greatly improved calculation speed, the feed speed of up to 24~240m/min can be obtained when the resolution is 0.1µm and 0.01µm;

  d. Tool change speed:

  At present, the tool exchange time of foreign advanced machining centers has generally been around 1s, and the high has reached 0.5s.


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