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Your Experienced CNC Machining Partner: Crafting and Delivering Precision Parts

Release time:12-01-2024



In the ever-evolving landscape of precision manufacturing, Boyang Hardware emerges as a stalwart with over two decades of CNC machining expertise.

Specializing in catering to diverse industries such as robotics, medical devices, analytical instruments, and new energy vehicles, we take pride in crafting bespoke parts tailored to our clients' unique needs.


Unparalleled CNC Manufacturing Solutions

With a robust background spanning more than 20 years, Boyang Hardware has honed its craft in CNC machining, becoming a preferred partner for clients across various sectors.

Whether your requirements are modest, numbering in the tens, or substantial, reaching into the thousands or more, Boyang stands as a reliable and scalable collaborator.


Comprehensive Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions

At Boyang Hardware, we offer turnkey manufacturing solutions, encompassing tool design, production, and the manufacturing of low or high-volume parts.

Our commitment to providing holistic solutions ensures that your project is seamlessly handled from conception to delivery, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Competitive Edge in Turnaround Time and Prototyping Costs

In a dynamic industry where time is of the essence, Boyang Hardware positions itself competitively in terms of turnaround time and prototype production costs.

Our agility and efficiency set us apart, making us a frontrunner in delivering quality parts within stipulated timelines.


Flexibility of CNC Machining Manufacturing Process

At Boyang, we understand the importance of flexibility in manufacturing.

Whether it's releasing a package order, ensuring timely delivery, or operating on a kanban system, we tailor our production to align with your preferences.

Need additional flexibility? We offer stock and safety stock management to maintain agreed-upon quantities.


Cost Efficiency Through Strategic Pricing Models

Boyang Hardware adopts a cost-efficient approach by basing our pricing on the estimated annual usage (EAU) quantity rather than the quantity issued. This strategic pricing model ensures that you benefit from reduced costs without compromising on quality.


Crafting Excellence with CNC Machining

Our commitment to precision is unwavering.

The use of advanced CNC machining technologies, coupled with our experienced team, allows us to produce parts with unmatched accuracy and repeatability. Boyang Hardware's CNC machining capabilities go beyond meeting specifications; they exceed expectations.


Boyang Hardware, as your experienced CNC machining partner, is dedicated to manufacturing and delivering precision parts tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to competitive pricing, flexibility in production, and adherence to delivery schedules makes us the ideal choice for your CNC machining requirements.


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