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Aluminum die casting with 0.01mm tolerance

Release time:07-04-2021

  How to make aluminum die castings with 0.01 mm tolerance, these matters should be paid attention to!


  Die castings, especially aluminum die castings, are very popular in people’s lives. People often like metallic objects. Aluminum die castings have extremely high plasticity and fluidity, and due to the complexity of the die casting process, It can make some more complicated shapes and maintain a certain degree of accuracy and smoothness. So, how can we make aluminum die castings with a tolerance of 0.01 mm?



  1. The design results of die castings need to be simplified


  When designing, if there are no special requirements, it is best to simplify the structure of the design, so as to avoid cracks, pores, pits, etc. due to the complicated design, which will affect the ratio of qualified products and cause unnecessary losses. .


  2. The choice of mold


  Because aluminum alloy die-casting requires a certain mold, the quality of the mold has a great impact on the qualification of the cost. Therefore, if you want to make an aluminum die-casting with a tolerance of 0.01mm, you need to choose the material and the structure of the mold. Are very particular about it.


  3. Shrinkage of materials


  Aluminum alloy die-casting needs to test the shrinkage of the mold material in advance, and it is generally output in the form of a percentage, and it must not be directly invested in large-scale mold production.


  4. The die-casting process needs to be operated by a dedicated person


  The quality of die-casting parts has a great relationship with the professional level of the operators, so the die-casting process requires special personnel to operate.


  How to make aluminum die castings with a tolerance of 0.01mm requires attention to the above four aspects. At present, my country still needs to continuously explore the die casting equipment and die casting process parameters in order to produce more precise die castings with the smallest tolerance. In the current situation, we must make efforts in design, mold selection, material experiment, and technician selection to achieve the best results.


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