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What are the machining methods for CNC machining parts

Release time:01-04-2021

  What are the machining methods for CNC machining parts? How to carry out effective processing?


  Judging from the current situation, if you want to process CNC machining parts, then probably most people want to know the actual steps of these machined parts. How to perform effective processing when processing parts?


What are the machining methods for CNC machining parts


  1. choose the right equipment


  When processing CNC machining parts, it is recommended that you choose the right tools. Generally speaking, you should make relevant analysis according to the drawings or technical requirements of all parts, as well as all parts materials, so that you can make more reasonable The processing technology. At present, we have to choose the most suitable tool according to the current processing technology.


  2. write the processing program


  When the actual program is written for the CNC machining parts, the machining program should be written according to the current process requirements, the blank material, and all the properties. After proofreading, if it is correct and there is no CNC device, then in this case, after checking again, The process of simulation processing may appear.


  3. check whether the size meets the requirements of the drawing


  In the actual machining process of CNC machining parts, test cutting can be performed at low speed after ensuring that all machining is normal and error-free. Check the size of the existing parts to see whether the size of these parts meets the same requirements, and modify the tool offset according to the actual situation.


  What are the processing steps of CNC machining parts? Process according to the above conditions.


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