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China aluminum cnc machining parts FACTORY

Release time:24-11-2020

  Customized processing of aluminum alloy parts

  Boyang Hardware Factory can provide customized processing services for metal/plastic parts. Today, I will briefly explain how Boyang Hardware provides customized processing services for aluminum alloy parts. china aluminum cnc machining parts factory.China aluminum cnc machining parts FACTORY,aluminum cnc machining parts

  First of all, in the inquiry stage, the customer will provide 2D/3D drawings. We analyze whether we can process the parts that the customer wants according to the drawings provided by the customer. This method is called custom drawing. However, when analyzing the drawings, there are some points that should be paid attention to, such as whether the tolerance requirements can be met, whether the structural design is reasonable, whether the post-processing requirements can be met, and whether the material has special characteristics, etc. china aluminum cnc machining parts factory.

  Secondly, in the processing stage, the first step is materials. For special materials or materials that are difficult to purchase, customers can actually provide them by themselves. Then, as an aluminum alloy processing factory, we are only responsible for processing and post-processing. It is called custom made. Customizing incoming materials saves some troubles for processing plants and avoids the risk of buying fake materials. After all, few processing plants will rack their brains to make a profit on buying and selling materials. china aluminum cnc machining parts factory.

  Finally, in the post-processing stage, the commonly used post-processing of aluminum alloy parts are those, but it does not mean that we can be very arbitrary. For example, most of the post-processing has a certain thickness after finishing, which will make the size a few more wires. For internal structured parts, relatively few customers choose sandblasting, because sandblasting will increase the resistance of the parts to match and make assembly difficult. . Therefore, customers will choose suitable post-processing based on actual parts, and we will try our best to meet customer requirements. china aluminum cnc machining parts factory.

  However, most customers currently need customized processing + post-processing customized services. This model has been very suitable for CNC machining at home and abroad. china aluminum cnc machining parts factory.


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