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Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier

Release time:16-11-2020

  China Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier has professional management personnel and prototype production engineers with team spirit. Existing CNC precision computer gongs, engraving machines, 3D printers, SLS, lathes, milling machines, vacuum complex mold machines and other high-tech complete prototype manufacturing equipment. According to customer requirements, our prototypes can complete various process requirements, including oil spraying, silk screen printing, electroplating, UV, oxidation, wire drawing, laser carving, sandblasting, polishing, leather texture, surface etching, rubber coating, Transfer printing, bronzing and other processes. Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier.

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  The following are some of the categories involved in the service, with numerous examples:

  1. Communication digital category: driving recorder, digital camera, telephone, mobile phone, walkie-talkie, digital photo frame, usb, etc. Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier.

  2. Computer peripherals: mouse, keyboard, monitor, host panel, printer, camera, headset, etc. Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier.

  3. Household appliances: TVs, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, juicers, DVDs and car series, speakers, switches and sockets, etc. Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier.

  4. Vehicles: Cars, motorcycles, toy cars, electric cars and various parts and components.

  5. Toy action board: toy dolls, simulation characters, special fixtures, action function hand boards, toy cars, etc.

  6. Medical equipment: DNA detector, B-ultrasound machine, electronic equipment, medical equipment and parts, massage fitness equipment, etc.

  7. Small batch compound mould category: large and small batch vacuum compound mould hand plate, which can compound abs, pc, pmma, pa, pom, pu, pvc, silicone rubber materials, etc.

  8. All kinds of copper-aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy hand-board machining, batch hardware products and plastic injection molding products are converted into processing technology.

  Boyang Hardware Factory takes "customer first, quality first" as its tenet and "integrity cooperation and common development" as its business philosophy. Zhencheng provides customers with high-quality services. Your satisfaction is our pursuit. We sincerely welcome customers who have needs in this area to come and call us, inquiries and orders. Looking forward to working with you, sincerely! Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier.


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