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China Custom CNC Machining Parts FACTORY

Release time:16-11-2020

  China aluminum machining manufacturer - Boyang Hardware Factory has about 20 years of manufacturing precision and covers an area of ??3000 square meters. We have 30 CNC machining centers, 3D testing instruments, innovative engineering team and strict quality control department. We will be your best partner. China Custom CNC Machining Parts FACTORY.

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  The company can independently design and manufacture stamping and precision molds, mass production of stamping parts, pipe bending, laser cutting, soft mold proofing, etc. We have more than 10 years of automotive parts, and various air-conditioning, lighting development and actual production experience, as early as 2007 Our company has obtained IS/TS 16949 quality system certification and has maintained good system management for many years. Now the company has imported more than 60 sets of CNC, three-coordinate, laser cutting, processing, stamping and other equipment. The current maximum tonnage is 630T, equipped with three One-in-one feeding, currently mainly based on mold development, radical mold production, 160-250 stamping single-process production, we provide excellent products for domestic Volkswagen, GM, SAIC, air-conditioning and other well-known auto companies. Create social benefits together. China Custom CNC Machining Parts FACTORY.

  Our capabilities include industry-leading straightness, surface finish as low as 6 micro inches (0.15 micrometer error) RMS, and tolerances within 0.0001 inches (0.25 micrometers) outside diameter. Our in-line grinding is also very suitable for large outer diameter (OD) cylindrical parts, and can provide key optimizations such as burr-free flat plates and multiple diameters. China Custom CNC Machining Parts FACTORY.

  Development experience:

  2016 The Foreign Trade Department was established and the products began to be sold abroad

  2017 Expanded scale and added 10 CNC machining centers

  In 2018, 10 million yuan earned from exports

  2019 Become a designated supplier

  China aluminum machining manufacturer - If you have CNC Machining Parts requirements, please contact us, Boyang Hardware Factory will definitely give you satisfactory products and affordable prices. Your trust is the driving force of Boyang Hardware Factory. We look forward to your long-term cooperation, thank you. China Custom CNC Machining Parts FACTORY.


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