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Professional OEM for high-precision CNC machining parts

Release time:04-01-2021

  CNC machining, also known as numerical control machining, is controlled by computer through programming. CNC machining has the advantages of stable quality, high precision and high efficiency. Professional OEM, for high precision CNC machining parts, mainly includes the following three processes.

CNC machining parts,Professional OEM for high-precision CNC machining parts

  1. Centralized sorting of cutting tools

  Take the tool used as the division of the process, use the same tool to process all the parts that can be completed, and then use the second tool, the third tool, the fourth tool to complete other parts, so as to reduce unnecessary tool error and positioning error.

  2. Through the process arrangement of processing parts

  According to the structural characteristics of the processing parts, the processing parts are classified, and then processed step by step, such as first processing the plane, then processing the positioning surface, and finally processing the hole.

  3. The rough or fine CNC machining process is used to classify the machining parts

  In general, rough machining and finish machining should be carried out separately to distinguish the processing program.

  To sum up, professional OEM, used for high-precision CNC machining parts, in the selection of process, will be based on the structure and technology of the parts, the function of the machine tool, the number of CNC machining content, etc. in addition, in addition to the principle of process concentration, we can also investigate the efficiency to select the principle of process dispersion, which all need to be determined according to the actual situation, and strive for high efficiency and efficiency Reasonable.


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