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The difference between CNC aluminum parts processing and mold processing

Release time:24-12-2020

  When many people buy aluminum parts, they often overlook the importance of molds. This is caused by their incomprehension of molds and processing concepts. In fact, CNC aluminum parts are inseparable from molds, although they seem to be the same , But there are many differences. If you want to make accurate parts, a very important prerequisite is to distinguish between mold making and finished product processing. The following is a detailed description of the difference between CNC aluminum parts processing and mold processing. introduce.

The difference between CNC aluminum parts processing and mold processing

  1. The accuracy of mold and processing

  Some people compare the relationship between the mold and CNC aluminum parts processing to a picture. The mold’s painting is very detailed and beautiful. Every design requires the designer's attention. Pay attention to the texture and unevenness of the mold, whether it will cause turtles. Problems such as cracks and so on, while the processing is less precise and more monotonous. If a painting only repeats the same thing, the texture, color and shape must be completely copied, and the processing needs to pay attention to the problem, just need to pay attention to "copy" Speed" and "Accuracy of Reproduction".

  2. Technicality of mold and processing

  Many people think that mold making is more complicated than processing. Indeed, many things need to be considered when making molds, and more technicality is required. For some complex processes and molds with relatively high requirements, ordinary people are afraid It can't be done.

The difference between CNC aluminum parts processing and mold processing

  There are many types of CNC aluminum parts in the market, and many of them are designed by highly-paid professionals in order to improve their professional capabilities and market competitiveness. Buyers must compare multiple parts when they have their needs. , Select products produced by companies with truly excellent technology to ensure product quality.


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