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The basic technology of CNC machining parts with high requirements

Release time:04-01-2021

  The CNC machining of parts includes the basic process, and the understanding of the process is essential. The basic process involves the preparation of computer programs, which is a more professional and complex part, and also the key in the NC machining process. Mainly from the following two aspects of the high requirements of the basic process of CNC machining parts to understand.

The basic technology of CNC machining parts with high requirements

  1. Assembly process of products

  Understand the main effects of assembly and working conditions on the product. Make clear the assembly position and function of the parts in the product, find out the main technology, so as to determine the processing scheme. Only when the processing scheme is in line with the performance and function of the parts, can the products with higher quality be processed.

  2. Technology of part drawing

  This mainly includes the integrity and correctness of the part drawing, the technical requirements of the part, the material of the part and the structure of the part. Specifically, the view of parts should meet the basic requirements of national standards. The technical requirements of parts refer to dimension accuracy, position accuracy, shape accuracy, surface treatment, etc. The material of parts refers to the choice of materials should be based on domestic standards, generally should not choose too expensive materials. Good or bad structure determines the quality of the product. Excellent structure can make the parts processing easier and save cost and materials to a certain extent.

  High requirements of CNC machining parts is undoubtedly from the above two aspects of product processing to achieve maximum effectiveness.


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