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What is the development trend of CNC machine tools(Two)

Release time:22-04-2021

  What is the development trend of CNC machine tools?

CNC Machining Parts

  1. High precision

  The accuracy requirements of CNC machine tools are now not limited to static geometric accuracy. The motion accuracy, thermal deformation, and vibration monitoring and compensation of machine tools are getting more and more attention.

  a. Improve the control accuracy of CNC system: adopt high-speed interpolation technology, realize continuous feed with small program segments, make CNC control unit refined, and adopt high-resolution position detection device to improve position detection accuracy, and position servo system adopts feedforward Methods such as control and nonlinear control;

  b. Adopt error compensation technology: adopt backlash compensation, screw pitch error compensation and tool error compensation technology to comprehensively compensate the thermal deformation error and space error of the equipment.

  c. Use the grid decoder to check and improve the accuracy of the machining center's motion trajectory: predict the machining accuracy of the machine tool through simulation to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool, so that its performance is stable for a long time, and it can complete multiple operations under different operating conditions. Kind of processing tasks, and to ensure the processing quality of parts.

  2. Functional composite

  The meaning of the compound machine tool is to realize or complete as much as possible the processing of multiple elements from the rough to the finished product on a machine tool. According to its structural characteristics, it can be divided into two types: process compound type and process compound type. The machining center can complete various processes such as turning, milling, drilling, gear hobbing, grinding, laser heat treatment, etc., and can complete all the processing of complex parts. With the continuous improvement of modern machining requirements, many multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools are increasingly welcomed by major enterprises.


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