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Die-casting process

Processing Technic:Die casting



Material Available:Aluminum ,Brass,Bronze,Zinc etc.

Packing:Poly bag,Carton,as per customer's requirement


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China die-casting process supplier, manufacturer - Boyang Hardware Factory - BoYang Hardware Products


Processing Technic Die casting
Material Available Aluminum ,Brass,Bronze,Zinc etc.
Application Handheld analyzer,consumer electronics products,
 medical devices, sport equipment, aerial photography, 
model aeroplane and communication equipment
Tolerance 0.1mm-0.01mm-0.001mm 
Surface finishes Painting,power coating,nickel plating etc.
MOQ 1000pcs
Lead time 25-30days for moulding,15-20days for mass production
QC system 100% inspection before shipment
QC equipment Three-D machine,Projector, vernier caliper,height gage
Packing Poly bag,Carton,as per customer's requirement
Trade terms EXW,FOB,CIF,CNF,as per customer's request
Payment terms T/T,L/C or to be discussed
Shipment terms By sea,by air,by express is ok.


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China die-casting process supplier, manufacturer


What is a die-casting process? The die-casting process is the three major elements of machine, mold and alloy; the process of unifying pressure, speed and time.


Die casting is a kind of special casting method with less cutting and no cutting which has developed rapidly in modern metal processing technology. It is a process in which molten metal is filled into a mold under high pressure and high speed, and crystallized and solidified under high pressure to form a casting. High pressure and high speed are the main characteristics of die casting. The commonly used pressure is tens of megapascals, and the filling speed (in-gate speed) is about 16 to 80 meters per second. The time for molten metal to fill the mold cavity is extremely short, about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds.


Because the products produced by this method have the advantages of high production efficiency, simple procedures, high tolerance grades of castings, good surface roughness, and high mechanical strength, it can save a lot of machining procedures and equipment, and save raw materials, so it has become An important part of my country's foundry industry.


The die-casting process is a process in which the three elements of die-casting machine, die-casting mold and alloy are combined organically and used comprehensively. The process of filling the cavity with metal during die-casting is a process of unifying process factors such as pressure, speed, temperature, and time. At the same time, these process factors influence each other, restrict each other, and complement each other. Only by correctly selecting and adjusting these factors and making them harmonized can the expected results be obtained. Therefore, in the die-casting process, not only the manufacturability of the casting structure, the advanced nature of the die-casting mold, the performance and structure of the die-casting machine, the adaptability of the die-casting alloy selection and the standardization of the smelting process should be paid more attention to; pressure, temperature and time should be paid more attention. And other process parameters play an important role in the quality of castings. In the die-casting process, attention should be paid to effective control of these parameters.


China die-casting process supplier


To buy die-casting process products, we choose Boyang Hardware Factory, a professional die-casting process manufacturer. Our products are often produced in multiple and delicate processes, and each product must be frequently and strictly inspected before shipment. We sincerely recruit domestic and foreign agents, welcome to consult and learn more about our products, thank you.


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