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Die casting part

Processing Technic:Die casting



Material Available:Aluminum ,Brass,Bronze,Zinc etc.

Packing:Poly bag,Carton,as per customer's requirement


Product details

China die casting part supplier, manufacturer,factory - BoYang


Processing Technic Die casting
Material Available Aluminum ,Brass,Bronze,Zinc etc.
Application Handheld analyzer,consumer electronics products,
 medical devices, sport equipment, aerial photography, 
model aeroplane and communication equipment
Tolerance 0.1mm-0.01mm-0.001mm 
Surface finishes Painting,power coating,nickel plating etc.
MOQ 1000pcs
Lead time 25-30days for moulding,15-20days for mass production
QC system 100% inspection before shipment
QC equipment Three-D machine,Projector, vernier caliper,height gage
Packing Poly bag,Carton,as per customer's requirement
Trade terms EXW,FOB,CIF,CNF,as per customer's request
Payment terms T/T,L/C or to be discussed
Shipment terms By sea,by air,by express is ok.


die casting part


China die casting part supplier, manufacturer,factory


What is die casting part? Die-casting is a kind of pressure-casting parts. It uses a pressure-casting mechanical die-casting machine equipped with a casting mold to pour the heated liquid copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy into the inlet of the die-casting machine, and pass it through the die-casting machine. Die casting is to cast copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of the shape and size restricted by the mold. Such parts are usually called die-casting parts. Die castings have different names in different places, such as die casting parts, pressure castings, die castings, aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, copper die casting, copper die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting Alloy castings, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, etc.


Because the metal copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy have good fluidity and plasticity, and the casting process is cast in a pressure die-casting machine, aluminum die-casting parts can be made into various more complex shapes, and can also be made High precision and smoothness, thereby greatly reducing the amount of machining of castings and the casting margin of metal copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy, not only saving electricity, metal materials, but also greatly saving labor costs; while copper , Zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, small specific gravity and high machinability; thus die castings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, electric motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, Various industries such as precision instruments, landscaping, electric power construction, and architectural decoration.


China die casting part manufacturer


BoYang Hardware Products are the leading Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier,CNC Aluminum Parts Manufacturer in China, produce high quality custom CNC machining parts through CNC turning and CNC milling. Rapid prototyping via CNC machining delivers high speed, high precision, and robust rapid part manufacturing solutions.

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