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Aluminium die casting parts

Processing Technic:Die casting



Material Available:Aluminum ,Brass,Bronze,Zinc etc.

Packing:Poly bag,Carton,as per customer's requirement


Product details

China aluminium die casting parts manufacturer,supplier,factory - BoYang


Processing Technic Die casting
Material Available Aluminum ,Brass,Bronze,Zinc etc.
Application Handheld analyzer,consumer electronics products,
 medical devices, sport equipment, aerial photography, 
model aeroplane and communication equipment
Tolerance 0.1mm-0.01mm-0.001mm 
Surface finishes Painting,power coating,nickel plating etc.
MOQ 1000pcs
Lead time 25-30days for moulding,15-20days for mass production
QC system 100% inspection before shipment
QC equipment Three-D machine,Projector, vernier caliper,height gage
Packing Poly bag,Carton,as per customer's requirement
Trade terms EXW,FOB,CIF,CNF,as per customer's request
Payment terms T/T,L/C or to be discussed
Shipment terms By sea,by air,by express is ok.


aluminium die casting parts


China aluminium die casting parts manufacturer,supplier,factory


What is aluminium die casting parts? Aluminum castings refer to equipment and devices made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloys obtained by casting processing methods. Generally, a sand mold or a metal mold is used to pour the heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy into the mold cavity, and the aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of various shapes and sizes obtained are usually called aluminum die castings.


Modern Molding Technology for Aluminum Casting


Complex aluminum casting casting is a new technology that takes electromagnetic pump low pressure casting technology as its core, aluminum smelting and molding compound purification technology and manufacturing core new technology, and produces high-quality aluminum castings modern technology. The electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting metal melt transmission system has a stable flow, convenient flow control, alleviating the backward suction of the molten alumina during the process, and easy realization. The advantage is the automation of the use process, which not only improves the casting quality of aluminum castings, but also It can also improve the working environment. Reduce labor intensity, realize automation and modern casting production.


An important part of the purification of molten enamel alloy castings is aluminum smelting and composite purification facilities in addition to gas injection and spin foam ceramic filters with high degassing, unless the performance of metal inclusions. In addition, it uses a new long-life lining material, and has an independent insulation/heating system that can be used for a large number of continuous production, as well as intermittent production. The molten aluminum purification technology of this technology is high in efficiency, long life, low cost, effective, easy to install, use and flexible. Casting experience tells us that the quality of aluminum castings to solve complex problems is in three main aspects:


(1) Melting and melting of molten aluminum,


(2) Smooth transition of molten aluminum metal halide lamp


(3) The size and stability of the mold and sand core process.


Core manufacturing process modeling can see that casting quality and output have a direct impact. Casting porosity, sticky sand, scars, thermal cracking, surface quality, dimensional accuracy, and sand properties have a very good relationship. The new technology for modeling and manufacturing is the core resin binder of PEPSET. The resin used for the original zircon sand sand is from hard sand, the difficult kind of self-setting sand. An independent, non-hardening chemical reaction. Once the reaction started quickly. So the coach bag, because in a tough, high-strength, small fat gas collapse, good performance is the complexity of the casting surface, ensuring the quality and stability of the dimensional accuracy.


Boyang Hardware is a manufacturer which concentrate on the cnc machining, cnc stamping,injection and die-casting for about 20 years and we start exportation business in recent years. We produce the best quanlity aluminium die casting parts factory with low cost.


Now we have over 60 sets advanced machine tools including cnc machining centers, cn lathes,milling machinese,cnc punching machines,etc. Our products are in high quality and reliable services to exported to many countries all over the world.


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If you have any needs about die-casting aluminum,please feel to contact us.We will abjust the production according to your preferences,whether it is the release of a package order,timely delivery pr kanban.Need additional flexibility?We will keep your stock and safety stock in the agreed quantity.aluminium die casting parts factory.


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China aluminium die casting parts manufacturer


The die casting process forces molten aluminum into a steel die (mold) under pressure. This manufacturing technique is normally used for high-volume production. BoYang Hardware and Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. has more than 20 years of operating history. It maintains good business relations with hundreds of well-known hardware companies at home and abroad. Its sales network is spread all over the country. It is a company engaged in die-casting products, machined products, and stamping sheet metal.


BoYang Hardware Products are the leading Precision CNC Machining Parts Supplier,CNC Aluminum Parts Manufacturer in China, produce high quality custom CNC machining parts through CNC turning and CNC milling. Rapid prototyping via CNC machining delivers high speed, high precision, and robust rapid part manufacturing solutions.

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