brass cnc machining parts
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brass cnc machining parts

brass cnc machining parts - BoYang Hardware is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the design,R&D,manufacturing,sales and service of household hardware.The main products are: CNC machining parts,Stamping,Injection,die-casting,PRECISION CNC MACHINING PARTS, CNC ALUMINUM PARTS.Welcome to call or email to discuss business cooperation.

Product details

  【Technical Parameters】- Power: 2.2 KW, Current: 8 A, Voltage: 220 V, Speed: 10-24000 rpm, Frequency: 400 Hz, Runout off: 0.01 mm, Collet: ER20, Cooling: Water cooling, Application: Milling,Main application:Wood, Glass, PVC industry.The spindle motor Mainly suitable for non-metallic engraving Usage: Engraving machines.

  【Powerful Bearing】- Upgraded bearings have two main advantages of superior durability & anti-rust performance. Greatly- improved high-speed core brings higher efficiency than the past.

  【Anti-rust Material】- The use of acid-proof materials makes the CNC router spindle motor more durable & sturdy. The metal casing significantly improves cooling efficiency & faster dissipates heat.

  【Advanced Balance Technology】- Dynamic balance technology can effectively reduce the noise in the process of use. The efficiency & service life of the CNC router spindle can be significantly improved. The nut using manganese steel is hardened with high precision, not easy to break the knife.

  【Wide Application】- The CNC spindle motor kit is mainly used for engraving machine or used with frequency converter. It uses water circulation to cool the heat generated by the spindle at high speed and has a good heat dissipation effect.

brass cnc machining parts

  1.brass cnc machining parts - The advantages of customized CNC precision machining parts are stable machining quality and high machining accuracy

  brass cnc machining parts - The principle of CNC precision machining is to simplify the machining procedure. The route of precision machining is basically carried out in sequence along the contour of the part. The principle of determining the general machining route is to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, the surface roughness, and the optimal time of the work line. Simplify numerical calculations and so on.

  2. brass cnc machining parts - The disadvantage of custom CNC precision machining parts is that the cost of machine tools is expensive, and the operation and maintenance personnel are professional

  brass cnc machining parts - First of all, there are many types of machine tools, and there are differences in processing standards. Operators must have a certain professional level, such as having an operating license and understanding computer programming. Secondly, the maintenance personnel must have certain professional knowledge of maintenance of the machine tool. Daily maintenance is indispensable. Regular inspections should be carried out. If problems occur, they should contact the manufacturer in time.

  brass cnc machining parts - The advantages and disadvantages of custom CNC precision machined parts are very obvious. The disadvantages of this are to increase the equipment cost and labor cost of the enterprise, but the cost is worth it. After all, its advantages cannot be replaced. CNC precision machined parts The market and prospects are broad.

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