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CNC machining high precision aluminum parts and die casting aluminum parts

Release time:01-02-2021

  CNC machining high precision aluminum parts and die casting aluminum parts

  Aluminum is a very common metal element on the earth. Aluminum alloy is to add various other elements into aluminum. It has good processing performance, but also has many processing methods, common processing methods include CNC processing, die casting processing. So in the end is CNC machining high-precision aluminum parts or die-casting aluminum parts better?

CNC machining high precision aluminum parts

  CNC machining is computer programming precision machining, with the advantages of small batch, high production efficiency, can directly reduce the number of tooling, and once the number of tooling is reduced, it can improve the processing efficiency and save labor costs. CNC processing of aluminum parts has high precision, stable quality and high efficiency, which can adapt to a variety of processing needs and meet the requirements of different types of enterprises.

  Die casting aluminum parts is a relatively fast and special processing method, through the machine, abrasive, aluminum parts, the pressure, speed and time of the unified scheduling of the processing process, its simple process, high production efficiency, has become an important part of the casting process.

  To sum up, CNC machining high-precision aluminum parts and die-casting aluminum parts actually have their own processing advantages, of course, they also have their own disadvantages. In the actual production and processing process, we should not generalize, but choose the most appropriate processing method based on the needs and characteristics of the product, so as to ensure that we can meet the needs of product processing.


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