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What is the development trend of CNC machine tools(Three)

Release time:22-04-2021

  What is the development trend of CNC machine tools?

CNC machine tools

  1. Intelligent control

  With the development of artificial intelligence technology, in order to meet the development needs of manufacturing flexibility and manufacturing automation, the degree of intelligence of CNC machine tools is constantly improving. It is embodied in the following aspects:

  a. Adaptive control technology for processing;

  b. Intelligent optimization and selection of processing parameters;

  c. Intelligent fault self-diagnosis and self-repair technology;

  d. Intelligent fault playback and fault simulation technology;

  e. Intelligent AC servo drive device;

  f. Intelligent 4M Numerical Control System: In the manufacturing process, the four aspects of measurement, modeling, processing, and machine operation (ie 4M) are integrated into one system.


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