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How to remove burrs on machined products

Release time:27-04-2021

  How to remove burrs on machined products? What are the removal methods?


  In the actual processing of machined products, most people may want to know how to remove burrs. In fact, judging from the current situation, if you want to remove burrs, what are the removal methods? Everyone is still concerned about this.


How to remove burrs on machined products


  Method 1: Electrolytic deburring


  In the actual processing of machined products, in general, this method of electrolytic deburring is the most important method, which can effectively remove all mechanical processing, and can also be used for grinding or stamping burrs. Bring better removal effect. Some burrs can appear on the shoulders of the entire metal parts. In this case, it must be effectively removed by electrolysis.


  Method 2: Deburring by abrasive flow


  Deburring by this method is generally a deburring process developed in the late 1970s abroad. Such a process is particularly suitable for those burrs that have just entered the finishing stage, but for small and long burrs. Some products such as pores or different metals at the bottom are not suitable for processing at all.


  What kind of method is there to deburr machined products? Through the above introduction, everyone should have an understanding. At present, these methods are more important in the processing of all products.


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