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What is the development trend of CNC machine tools(Five)

Release time:22-04-2021

  What is the development trend of CNC machine tools?

CNC machine tools

  1. Information exchange network

  It can not only realize network resource sharing, but also realize remote monitoring, control, remote diagnosis and maintenance of CNC machine tools.

  2. Green processing

  In recent years, machine tools that do not use or use less coolant to achieve dry cutting and semi-dry cutting energy-saving and environmentally friendly machine tools continue to appear. The general trend of green manufacturing has accelerated the development of various energy-saving and environmentally-friendly machine tools.

  3. Application of Multimedia Technology

  Multimedia technology integrates computer, audio-visual and communication technology, so that the computer has the ability to comprehensively process sound, text, image and video information. It can be integrated and intelligent in information processing, applied to real-time monitoring system and production site equipment fault diagnosis, production process parameter monitoring, etc., so it has great application value.


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