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What is the development trend of CNC machine tools(Four)

Release time:22-04-2021

  What is the development trend of CNC machine tools?

CNC machine tools

  1. Open system

  a. Open to future technology: Because the software and hardware interfaces follow the recognized standard protocol, the new generation of general software and hardware can be adopted, absorbed and compatible.

  b. Open to users' special requirements: update products, expand functions, and provide various combinations of hardware and software products to meet special application requirements;

  c. The establishment of numerical control standards: standardized programming languages are not only convenient for users to use, but also reduce labor consumption directly related to operating efficiency.

  2. Parallel drive

  It can realize multiple functions of multi-coordinate CNC machining, assembly and measurement, and can better meet the processing of complex and special parts. Parallel machine tools are considered to be "the most meaningful progress in the machine tool industry since the invention of CNC technology" and "new 21st century". A generation of CNC machining equipment.

  3. Extreme (large and miniaturized)

  The development of national defense, aviation, aerospace industry and the large-scale equipment of basic industries such as energy require the support of large-scale and good-performance CNC machine tools. Ultra-precision processing technology and micro-nano technology are strategic technologies in the 21st century, and it is necessary to develop new manufacturing processes and equipment that can adapt to micro-mini size and micro-nano processing precision.


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