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What are the common deburring methods for machined products

Release time:12-05-2021

  What are the common deburring methods for machined products? Which one is better?


  If machined products need to be deburred, many people may be most concerned about what kind of deburring method is easier to use. Judging from the current situation, different methods will have different effects.



  Method 1: Manual deburring


  For machined products, the existing manual deburring method must be considered in the matter of deburring. Generally speaking, this is a commonly used method. A sandpaper grinding head or some other technical methods can be used as an auxiliary. Sexual tools. However, this manual removal method is relatively expensive, and the efficiency is not particularly high, but it is difficult to remove complex cross holes, and the technical requirements for workers are not particularly high. It is especially suitable for relatively small burrs or relatively simple product structures. The product deburring.


  Method 2: Deburring the die


  If you want to choose punching and deburring, basically this method of deburring can be made with a variety of different punching films, which requires a certain amount of punching film production costs, and can continuously make related plastic punching films. It is especially suitable for products with relatively wide parting surfaces or relatively simple products, and the effect is better than manual removal methods.


  When removing burrs on machined products, you can try both of the above methods. In addition, there is a grinding method to remove burrs. This type of method is carried out by sandblasting and vibration.


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